Ragdoll Dynamics

Ragdoll Dynamics

Animate with physics

For Maya 2019 to 2024 and Blender 3.4 to 4.0
on Windows, Linux and MacOS

Maya and Blender, side-by-side

A plug-in for feature film and games animators.

Dynamic Characters

Let the computer handle weight and contacts.

For Dynamic Performances

Focus more on what characters to do, less on how they do it.

Look ma', it's real-time!

0-5 ms per frame; you've got a total
of 33 ms for 30 frames per second.

Modeling courtesy of Christophe Desse


"Ragdoll finally lets me focus on the creative side of an animation. I can iterate on an idea quickly with realistic results in half the time that would be needed with traditional keyframing - A must have for any studio."

Jason Snyman
Animation Director
Steamroller Studios


"The most artist-friendly dynamics tool made for animators; fast, easy to setup and the simulations look great. Overall a huge time saver for animators."

Andras Ormos
Senior Animator
Framestore London

Modeling courtesy of Christophe Desse


"I find Ragdoll Dynamics a fantastic way to generate overlapping animation and quickly and intuitively iterate on it. The tool provides solid dynamic simulation with little overhead, straight on the animation controls. As an animator, this is something I have always dreamed of."

Amedeo Beretta
Animation Tutor
ESCAPE Studios


"Ragdoll is surprisingly effective at giving a simple solution to a very complex situation. From simply having fun with physics to total production saver and from simple simulation chains to the most complex of characters, Ragdoll's got your back!"

Remi Comtois
Animation Supervisor
Agora VFX


"Ragdoll IS awesome! Not just a really effective tool, but also fun to use."

Stephanie Holder
Goodbye Kansas

Courtesy of Delano Athias & Kiel Figgins

Simulate NURBS controls, locators, polygons and empty groups

Anything your character rigs are made of.

Courtesy of cgspectrum.com

Courtesy of Troung CG Artist

General-purpose physics solver

Anything with a translate and
rotate channel can be simulated.

from maya import cmds
from ragdoll import api as rd

cube, _ = cmds.polyCube()
cmds.move(0, 10, 0)
cmds.rotate(35, 50, 30)

solver = rd.createSolver()
marker = rd.assignMarker(cube, solver)


First-class Python API

For rich integration with any production pipeline.

Bring physics out of Maya..

..and into Unreal, Unity, Motion Builder,
Blender, you name it.

  "schema": "ragdoll-1.0",
  "entities": {
    "1": {
      "components": {
        "NameComponent": {
          "members": {
            "path": "|body_skeleton1"
        "RigidComponent": {
          "members": {
            "enabled": true,
            "mass": 1.0,
            "collide": true,
            "friction": 0.5,
            "restitution": 0.5

Made by Jason Snyman

Input animation

Output simulation

Model by Davyd Vidiger (modified)

Model by 腱鞘炎の人 (modified)

Model by 鈴木 一平 (modified)