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1 year of updates
High-performance solver
Artist tools
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1 year of updates
Render farms

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Let's dive into specifics.

1 Year of Updates

Lifetime licences are for life. The version you purchase is the one you can use in perpetuity. Plus, you may download and use any version released up-to 1 year into the future after your original purchase.

Plus! You may renew your update period at a discount from the original price. See Annual Upgrade Period (AUP) for pricing.


Complete vs Unlimited

Unlimited is Complete with extras.

A tribute to the days when Maya was developed by Alias, with the Unlimited version providing additional features well-suited for big production budgets.


For render farms and automation.

Ragdoll Batch cannot be used by artists and is licenced per-process (rather than per-machine), but is in every other way identical to an interactive licence.

How does it work?

A non-commercial licence is automatically activated upon launch, and a commercial licence can be entered manually afterwards.

What happens when my trial expires?

Ragdoll will simply stop simulating. Nothing else is affected and you can safely keep on doing non-Ragdoll things.

Can I add activations to my exising serial?

Yes. Purchase a new licence above, and contact us to merge your new and existing serial numbers.

Can I mix commercial and non-commercial scenes?

No. A scene saved with a non-commerial licence won't open with a commercial licence.

Can I move a licence between two machines?

Yes. Activation and deactivation is instant and is based on the physical machine, rather than location or project.

Do I need an internet connection to use Ragdoll?

No. But it does simplify the activation process.

How does floating licences work?

Floating licences have an additional server you need running on your premises. Have a look at the documentation for details.

Can I activate offline?

Yes. An email transaction back and forth, and you're done.

Can I trial offline?

Yes. It is however a special-case, contact us for a temporary licence you can activate offline.

When exactly is internet required?

Typically on plug-in load, but at the very latest whenever a simulation is about to begin. That is, when you hit play.