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Your very own🤸, lifetime licence of
Ragdoll Dynamics.

Perfect for

Short films

Portfolio material

Robotics Research

Physics Experiments

A full-featured version of
Ragdoll Dynamics.


Floating licence

No feature limitations

Minimum 10 seats

Indended for


Training centres



per seat

No reason needed, no questions asked.

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Let's dive into specifics.

Can I activate on my laptop too?

Yes. For those of us with more than one computer, you can activate Ragdoll on up-to 3 machines.

However, only 1 machine may actively run Ragdoll at any one time else your licence may be suspended.

Free upgrades?

Yes. With a Personal licence, you can download and use the latest version whenever you want. Forever.

Can I move my licence between machines?

Yes. A licence may be deactivated from within Maya and activated on another machine instantly.

Any limitations?

Yes. A non-commercial licence is limited to 100 frames of recorded simulation at a time, and 10 exported markers.

Record and export as many times as you'd like.

Can I use it at work?

No. See Complete and Unlimited licences for commercial use.

Do I need an internet connection to use Ragdoll?

Yes. A Personal licence requires an internet connection to activate Ragdoll.

See Complete and Unlimited licences for offline options.

Can I activate my Personal licence on a virtual machine?

No. Virtual machines, such as an Amazon or Paperspace client, cannot be used with a node-locked licence, such as Ragdoll Personal.

See Floating Licences for use on virtual machines.

What does non-commercial mean?

It means you cannot use a Personal licence to earn an income, for that you need a Complete or Unlimited licence.

Can I mix commercial and non-commercial scenes?

No. A scene saved with a non-commerial licence won't open with a commercial licence.